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LOTO Site Surveys

Site Surveys

If your workplace requires having an effective energy control program in place, this program should be specific to the types of machines and equipment being maintained. We can arrange an on-site survey to meet with your safety officers to design and create a tailored lockout tagout solution that will help you comply with your in-house Lockout Tagout Safety Program.

Lockout Tagout Survey

We can make recommendations for enhancing your Lockout Tagout Safety Program by:

  • Meet with site contact and have a brief discussion regarding site activities and current LOTO implementation.
  • Identify and list all potential sources of energy (electrical, mechanical, pneumatic etc) in each area of the plant.
  • Review plant/machinery lockout capability (is there isolation/valves etc. available to isolate source of energy). Make recommendation for retrofit of isolations where needed.
  • Based on availability of isolations, list out potential devices/solutions for LOTO implementation.
  • Review and recommend changes if any.

If you’d like to request our LOTO Site Survey, please email us at or call us on 057 866 2162. Thank you.

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