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  • LOTO & Commissioning Station

    LOTO & Commissioning Station

    SKU: LS Station

    The LOTO & Commissioning Station is a high quality dual-sided, multi purpose storage solution. The Station can be customised to include company logo, laser engraving & safety products.

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  • Key Cabinet - 36 hooks

    Burg Wachter Key Cabinet 36 – 140 hooks


    The Burg Wachter Key Cabinet is a robust storage solution for holding keys and key tags. The cabinet comes in 4 sizes: 36 hooks, 48 hooks, 80 hooks, 140 hooks.

    From: 25.82

  • Infrared Thermometer

    Infra Red Forehead Thermometer

    SKU: Forehead

    The Infra Red Forehead Thermometer is a non-contact forehead thermometer ideal for testing for the presence of potential COVID-19 cases in the workplace by checking for irregularities in a persons temperature.

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  • 3ply Mask

    3-Ply Protective Mask – Pack of 50

    SKU: Mask 3-ply

    3-Ply Protective Mask Pack contains high quality disposable 3-Ply Protective Masks.These masks can be worn to help against the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

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  • Fluke 62MAX Non-contact IR Thermometer


    The Fluke 62max Non-contact IR Thermometer is designed to instantly read the temperature of equipment in hard to reach areas without actually interfering with the scrutinised component.

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  • KN95 Face Mask

    KN95 Face Mask

    SKU: Masks FFP2

    The KN95 Face Mask Pack contains high quality KN95 Face Masks, which offers the wearer excellent protection against dust, haze, bacteria, droplets with the ability to filter out 95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

    Single Mask Price: €1
    Minimum Purchasable Quantity: 10

    From: 10.00

  • Washable Mask -Blue

    Washable Face Mask – 10pcs/box

    SKU: 82463

    The Blue Washable face masks offer strong protection to the wearer and can be used for more than one use, unlike disposable masks. This is due to the fact that the masks are washable up to 60°C.

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  • FFP3 Mask

    FFP3 Masks

    SKU: FFP3

    We have high quality FFP3 Masks currently in Stock.These masks can be worn to help protect against the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

    From: 9.00

  • Protective Face Shield

    Protective Isolation Face Shield


    The Protective Isolation Face Shield offers strong protection from both flying debris and the spreading of bacterial diseases by covering the users face fully. The face shield sits more comfortably and is less restrictive than your typical face mask and has very little impact on breathing resistance.

    Single Unit Price: €1
    Minimum Order Quantity: 10

    From: 10.00