Customised LOTO Tags

Customised Lockout Tagout Tags

We can design & manufacture customised Lockout Tagout Tags to ensure your Lockout Tagout procedure is effective.

Key features of our customised Lockout Tagout Tags can include:

  • Tags can include Company Logo, Safety Statement, Procedure Number, Employee Number, Photo ID, Equipment ID.
  • Tags can be designed with perforations and in any shape or size.
  • Tags can be printed on Carbon paper, Hard Paper, PVC and 5yr year guarantee laminate.

The following are some examples of the customised LOTO Tags that we have designed and produced for our clients:

If you’d like us to design your own customised Lockout Tagout Tags please email us at [email protected] or call us on 057 866 2162. Thank you.

Below are some samples of our Lockout Tagout Tags:

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