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Customised Lockout Tagout Safety Signage

Customised Solutions:

We can design and print your customised Safety Signage in house to your exact requirements. Key features of our customised signage can include:

  • Signs can be printed on Vinyl Laminate, PVC and Corriboard.
  • Signage can be laser engraved onto Traffolyte plastics, Aluminium & Acrylics.
  • All signs can be laser cut to required size.

If you’d like us to design a Customised Signage for you click here or call us on 057 8662162.

LOTO signs are extremely important to the safety and security of equipment as well as their maintenance workers. Several of the most tragic and lethal accidents that occur in commercial setups occur throughout equipment maintenance, generally as an outcome of someone powering up equipment without knowing that someone is inside the device at the same time.

Lockout/Tagout signs  are vital to protecting employees from stored hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and also physical power when doing upkeep on equipment as well as structural systems. Still, several workers are killed or badly injured yearly in situations where complying with lockout procedures was not followed and also would have stopped the accident. Your adoption of lockout/tagout treatments should be strengthened with safety signs that remind people to follow them, placed near the point of any interaction with dangerous equipment.

Strengthening Safety at the Correct Time and also Place
You’re helping to reduce threats and also protect workers when you buy our lockout signs and also tools safety and security labels, reinforcing that lockout procedures be adhered to as a component of your hazard evasion finest techniques. Staff members may be taught lockout/tagout, but training can be neglected in the moment when a jam needs to be cleared or unscheduled maintenance has to be done. Our products make use of attention-getting, standards-compliant icons so your safety and security messages are better able to be noticed as well as understood. Mishaps are prevented and lives are saved from disaster.

Lockout/Tagout signs educate and also instruct workers to utilize the lockout/tag-out system. This vital signage can be found in a selection of colours, styles, and messaging. Signs have headings, signal words, and also symbols, and all are written with large, easy-to-read fonts. Avoid accidents and also safeguard your workers with safety and security signs.

If you need a lockout/tag-out sign but do not see it right here, contact us. We’re happy to customize signs for your facility’s requirements.

If you’d like us to design a Customised Signage for you click here or call us on 057 8662162.