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Customised Lockout Kits

Customised Lockout Kits

We can assemble a lockout kit containing the exact lockout devices that you require. This can range from personal lockout pouch kits to group lockout kits. Just let us know your specific requirements.
Customised Lockout Kits


A lockout kit might include a range of different locks, depending upon what it is used for. Common industrial locks consist of circuit-breaker lockouts, ball-valve as well as gate-valve lockouts, gas-cylinder lockouts, and cable television lockouts, along with various sizes of padlock. Task-specific lockout kits, such as a forklift lockout kit, will give all locks and tags required to properly lockout that particular system.

We can assemble a lockout kit including the precise lockout tools that you call for. This can vary from individual lockout bag kits to group lockout kits. Just let us understand your particular demands.

What is a Lockout Kit?

A lockout kit is a set of equipment used for performing lockout procedures on hazardous equipment. Lockout refers to the act of putting locks on a piece of equipment to make it unusable or to separate it from various other equipment. A lockout kit normally comes with numerous various types of locks, in addition to recognition tags that offer workers with a method of referencing information regarding the dangers connected with the locked-out equipment.

Our lockout kits are made to assist in the locking out of a particular piece of equipment. Lockout kits are designed to be portable. In circumstances where the variety of locks is large, a lockout cabinet might be used instead.

The lockout of a potential hazard, be it electrical equipment, industrial equipment, a vehicle, or a valve that controls the movement of hazardous material, is a major part of many occupational safety and security techniques.

Lockout kits contain both lockout and also tagout equipment, as well as both concepts are commonly referred to by the collective acronym LOTO. Tagout refers to putting a tag on a piece of equipment that shows that the equipment needs to not be used until the tag is gotten rid of. Both lockout and also tagout entail making use of tags to identify the item and also refer to the hazards associated with it. Tagout-only practices are used when a device is not capable of being locked out.

The recognition features of lockout systems are one of their primary functions. A work environment with a number of secured or tagged-out devices will quite often keep a referral log that supplies info relating to where each lock is, what equipment it’s affixed to, as well as what dangers belong to that equipment.