Colour Coding Service

Colour Coding Service For Your Safety Lockouts

Safety Padlocks and Keys Tags can be colour coded to the colour that is specified in your Lockout Tagout Safety Program. The standard colours available for your safety padlocks and key tags are: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal, Yellow

Colour Coded Safety Padlocks

For your safety padlock range, we can offer you a simple yet flexible customised keying system, in order to comply with your Lockout Tagout Safety Program.

Complete Padlocks with Engraved Plates and Key Tags

For all other devices, the standard colour is red. However where specified we can also supply these in Green, Yellow or Blue.

Colour Coded Lockout Devices

For more details please refer to our section on Safety Padlock Keying Systems please click here.

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