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Bespoke Lockout Stations

Bespoke Lockout Stations

We can design and supply customised Lockout Stations for you. Our bespoke Lockout Stations are highly visible and can include storage for all your lockout devices with a ‘shadow board effect’ indicating the location of each safety padlock and device. These Lockout Stations can be wall / floor mounted or portable. Additionally, these Lockout Stations can be locked to provide extra security.

Lockout Stations are hard-wearing, user-friendly wall stations that offer the ultimate storage space for large facilities and for multiple departmental use. Lockout/Tagout stations are used to store Lockout Tagout equipment securely and in one place. Most of the lockout stations are wall mountable and allow you to secure the board in a fixed position near the energy source so that Lockout Tagout equipment is always ready and at hand.

Our Lockout Stations come in various sizes and shapes and hold everything from hasps to padlocks.

Customised Lockout Cabinets

These Lockout Cabinets can be customised with your own company logo. They are excellent for keeping keys, locks and equipment stored in a central location and are constructed from rigid PVC for sturdiness.

Bespoke Custom Lockout Stations

Customised Wall Mounted Lockout Station with Shadow Board

We can provide tailor made shadow boards for storing your lockout tagout equipment. The example displayed in this photo is a Lockout/Tagout station for Contractor Personal Isolation Locks. The sides are enhanced with a distinct red/white chevron pattern. The remainder of the board is loaded with shadows of a variety of electrical lockout devices consisting of lockout tags and other relevant safety and security lockout tools. Shadow profiles on the board highlight the position of the equipment, locks etc.

Customised Shadow Boards

To make a customised board for you, all we need to know is a list of equipment to be stored (shown) as well as any space restrictions. Discuss with us any kind of size constraints and we’ll design it to fit.