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Masterlock S4331LEN “DO NOT USE” Lockout Tags

Masterlock S4331LEN "DO NOT USE" Lockout Tags

Masterlock S4331LEN “DO NOT USE” Lockout Tags (pack of 6) are constructed from rugged industrial-grade polypropylene. These heavy duty tags are resistant to dust, water, UV radiation, high humidity, harsh chemicals, regular wash-downs and temperature extremes.


Made to order. Lead time - 2-3 weeks.

Masterlock S4331LEN “DO NOT USE” Lockout Tags

  • Constructed from thick, rugged industrial-grade polypropylene
  • Weather tested (4000 hours of accelerated QUV)
  • Resilient to 30 common chemicals
  • Extreme temperature endurance tested (-45°C to 104°C)
  • Appropriate for use in Explosive atmospheres (Zone 2)
  • Graphics fused to Lockout tag making them grease, oil and humidity resistant
  • Suitable for Electricians
  • Clearly identifiable even in low-lit conditions.

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