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Masterlock S1705P410 Compact Lockout Center

SKU: S1705P410

Masterlock S1705P410 Compact Lockout Center is a compact lockout center that locates machine specific lockout devices and padlocks near lockout point.

Masterlock S1705P410 Compact Lockout Center

  • Includes 1 x 410RED Zenex padlock, 1 x 421 lockout hasps and 2 lockout tags
  • Compact lockout center is used to place machine specific lockout padlocks and lockout devices near the lockout point
  • There are 4 hanger clips for safety hasps or padlocks
  • Hard-wearing polycarbonate construction withstands years of use within corrosive environments
  • Includes face labels in English, French/English or Spanish/English
  • Center measurements: 7-3/4″ in width x 9-3/4″ in height x 3-3/8″ in depth (19.6 cm x 24.7 cm x 8.5 cm)
  • Bin measurements: 6-1/2″ in width x 2-7/8″ in height x 2-7/8″ in depth (16.5 cm x 7.3 cm x 7.3 cm)

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