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Master Lock S1900VE410 Deluxe Lockout Station

SKU: S1900VE410

Master Lock S1900VE410 Deluxe Lockout Station is a supreme lockout station that holds 16 hanger clips, each of which hold 2 hasps or padlocks.


Master Lock S1900VE410 Deluxe Lockout Station

  • Large capacity lockout station from Master Lock, perfect for departmental lockout requirements
  • 16 hanger clips, each which can hold 2 padlocks or hasps
  • Detachable dividers in both the top and bottom trays which makes it easier to organize devices
  • Holes are provided along with bottom, these are suitable for optional peg hook hangers on which you can hang devices that may be bulky
  • Each compartment in the lower section can hold up to 25 tags each, a total of 150 tags
  • Includes 410RED Zenex hasps, padlocks, tags and also electrical lockouts and valve lockouts
  • Lockout Station measurements are 23.5″ in width x 27″ in height x 4.5″ in depth (59.6 cm x 68.5 cm x 11.4 cm)

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