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Master Lock Lockout Station

SKU: 1482B.

The Master Lock Lockout Station comes in three different sizes – 1482B (4 padlocks), 1483B (10 padlocks) and 1484B (20 padlocks). This is an excellent quality station that can accommodate all sorts of lockout tagout equipment.

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Master Lock Lockout Station

  • Safety lockout station designed for hasps, padlocks and tags
  • Available in three different sizes – 4 padlocks, 10 padlocks or 20 padlocks
  • The integrated, 1-piece moulded construction eliminates loose parts
  • Highly resistant polycarbonate material gives twice the heat resistance and quadruple the impact strength over typical lockout stations
  • The reinforced snap-on clips provide easy hasp and padlock removal and storage
  • Translucent lockable cover helps to protect the lockout station contents from dust
  • 1482B station (4 padlocks): 31.1 cm high x 40.6 cm wide x 4.4 cm deep
  • 1483B station (10 padlocks): 39.3 cm high x 55.8 cm wide x 4.4 cm deep
  • 1484B station (20 padlocks): 55.8 cm high x 55.8 cm wide x 4.4 cm deep

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