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Lockout Safety Universal Lockout Base Clamping Unit


This multi purpose universal Lockout Device is modular in its construction meaning that it is versatile and flexible in application. Locks all types of valves, different sizes and brands.

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Lockout Safety Universal Lockout Base Clamping Unit

  • Can be used as a Gate Valve Lockout, Ball Valve Lockout & Butterfly Valve Lockout
  • Open ended clamp fits over closed rings and wide handles
  • Can be used to lock out large levers, T-handles and other hard-to-secure mechanical devices
  • Locks out valves in open and closed positions
  • Made from industrial-grade steel and nylon for rugged durability, chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Modular system available in 1 size Base Clamping Unit (universal), 2 sizes of Blocking Arms and cable attachment.