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Lockout Safety Steering Wheel Cover 40 cm Ø, 50 cm Ø, 60 cm Ø


40 CM Ø, 50 CM Ø and 60 CM Ø diameter Lockout Safety Steering Wheel Cover designed to work as a visual deterrent to prevent unauthorised personnel from attempting to start a  vehicle that is currently being serviced, that is under maintenance or is being excluded from operation.

The Steering Wheel Cover displays a highly visible message to employees warning them not to start the vehicle unless authorised to do so. It features a metal grommet allowing for a hasp or padlock to then fix the cover in place, providing additional security.

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Lockout Safety Steering Wheel Cover 40 cm Ø, 50 cm Ø, 60 cm Ø

Steering Wheel Lockout Covers deliver a message to prevent the use of vehicles that are out of order or being serviced. This helps in preventing accidents and vehicle malfunction while maximising safety in the workspace.

  • Durable reinforced heavy duty cover
  • Provides visual deterrent during vehicle maintenance
  • Easy slip on fit 
  • Brass reinforced padlock hole for additional security
  • Can be locked with safety padlock and hasp
  • Available in 3 different sizes – 40 CM Ø, 50 CM Ø, 60 CM Ø
  • Useful in any application where vehicle access needs to be restricted