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Lockout Safety Standard Lockout Tags


Our Lockout Safety Standard Lockout Tags are an ideal solution when you need to attach additional information to the Lockout Operation. Constructed from resistant, hard-wearing materials these tags are long lasting and highly durable.

Lockout tags are important for preventing mishaps during hazardous equipment maintenance or situations and will help to keep your employees safe. We strive to offer you the best safety lockout tags that will be instrumental in your workplace safety procedure.

  • Includes a brass grommet that accepts all safety padlocks
  • Conform to OSHA lockout/tagout standards making them suitable for your safety requirements
  • Constructed from hard-wearing polyester laminate that is resistant to grease, temperature fluctuations and water
  • Can be written on, erased and then re-used for other projects
  • Heavy-duty and can easily handle over 50lbs
  • Fully customisable with name, department, expected time of completion or any other information you would like to include

Keep your workplace in compliance and safe with Lockout Safety lockout tags. While browsing through our website, you can find various products suitable for use in your designated working environment for lockout and to enhance safety.

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Lockout Safety Standard Lockout Tags

  • Brass grommet can accept all safety padlocks
  • Conforms to OSHA lockout/tagout standards
  • Hard-wearing polyester laminate is resistant to grease, water and temperature extremes
  • Tags can be written on, erased and then re-used
  • Heavy duty construction is capable of withstanding over 50 lbs. (23 kg) of pullout force (meeting OSHA requirements)
  • Fully customizable with name, department and expected completion
  • One item consists of 1 bag of 10 lockout tags

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