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Lockout Safety Lockout Station

SKU: LS 5L 2P Y.

This quality Lockout Safety Lockout Station comes with capacity for accommodating 5 (LS 5L 2P Y), 10 (LS 10L 1P Y), 20 (LS 20L 1P Y) or 36 (LS 36L 4P Y) padlocks.

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Lockout Safety Lockout Station

  • Safety lockout station designed for padlocks, hasps and tags
  • Available in different sizes – 5 padlocks, 10 padlocks or 20 padlocks & 36 padlocks
  • Integrated, one-piece moulded construction eliminates loose parts
  • Complete with metal or plastic hooks for padlock and hasp storage and removal
  • Lockout Station can be customised upon request