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Lockout Safety Large Electrical/Pneumatic Lockout


Simple but universal lockout – very effective when you need isolate both an electrical plugs and pneumatic fittings. Made of strong polystyrene and moulded in red.


Available on back-order

Lockout Safety Large Electrical/Pneumatic Lockout

This universal Electrical/Pneumatic Lockout is great when you need to lock out male pneumatic energy fittings or electrical plugs. Designed to enclose the fittings/plugs inside with the hose/cable fed through a special openings in the sides. Lockable by up to 4 safety padlocks.

  • Designed to lock out various electrical plugs (110 V, 230 V, 550 V)
  • Can be used to lock out different types of male pneumatic fittings
  • Made of Polystyrene synthetic plastic