Safety Signs & Warning Tapes

We supply a range of safety signs where it will be clearly visible to employees of potential hazards. Safety signs come with pre-printed standard safety wording. Alternatively, we can customize your safety sign to meet your requirements to include your specific safety message, company logo, department name etc. Just let us know what you need.

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  • Lockout Safety Sign

    Lockout Safety Signs (Set of 10)

    SKU: LS LS

    We offer a wide selection of Lockout Safety Signs – there’s 12 to choose from and 10 in every pack.

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  • Lockout Safety Large Wall Sign

    Lockout Safety Large Wall Signs


    Lockout Safety Warning Signs comes in 12 different types (different messages). Made of strong PVC vinyl they are durable and long lasting.

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  • Lockout Safety Label

    Lockout Safety Labels (Set of 10)


    Lockout Safety Labels are coming in packs of 10 and in 12 different types to choose from. Excellent for use on electrical equipment where safety message should be displayed.

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  • Lockout Safety Hanging Signs LS HLS

    Lockout Safety Hanging Signs


    Lockout Safety Hanging Signs can be hand using the soft nylon cord on panels and equipment parts during lockout operations.

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  • Brady barricade tapes

    Brady Barricade Tapes

    SKU: PP-256650

    Visual barricading provides fast on-the-spot warning of potential dangers. The non-adhesive tape can be used for temporary outdoor or permanent indoor applications. This tape can be tied, stapled or nailed to posts, fences or metal barricades.

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