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Safety Padlocks

When applying a lockout device a Lockout Padlock is used to secure the Lockout Tagout device in place. This inhibits the energy source that is being ‘locked off’ from being used. In order for the energy source to be accessed both the padlock and the lockout kit must be removed.

Lockout Padlocks are specifically designed to be hard-wearing, standardized, substantial and identifiable to meet OSHA 1910.147 compliance. Lockout padlocks offer excellent erosion and chemical resistance, withstand temperature extremes and are also UV stable.

Choose from Xenoy locks Composite Safety Padlocks, Non Conductive Safety Padlocks, Aluminum Safety Padlocks, Steel and Brass Safety Padlocks in a variety of colours and shackle sizes. We can also supply a broad range of Padlock Accessories to suit your needs.

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