Disposable Lockout Tags

Disposable Lockout Tags can offer a simple yet effective and inexpensive solution in situations where lockout operations are frequently carried out. The tags come printed on both sides with a selection of different messages. These tags are made from hard paper. Once the lockout operation has been completed, the tag can be disposed of.

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  • Master Lock S297 Maintenance Flags

    Master Lock S297 Maintenance Flags

    SKU: S297

    Master Lock S297 Maintenance Flags are specially designed, one time use personal tags for plants with a large employee turnover.

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  • Lockout Safety Disposable Lockout Tag

    Lockout Safety Disposable Lockout Tags


    Disposable lockout tags are an excellent and low cost solution wherever the Lockout Operation are carried out on regular basis. After the lockout activity the tags can be disposed. Perfectly suited to technicians working on surveys and locking out different equipment and for different purpose.

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