Lockout Stations

Lockout Stations are hard-wearing, user-friendly wall stations that offer the ultimate storage space for large facilities and for multiple departmental use. Lockout/Tagout stations are used to store Lockout Tagout equipment securely and in one place. Most of the lockout stations are wall mountable and allow you to secure the board in a fixed position near the energy source so that Lockout Tagout equipment is always ready and at hand.

Our Lockout Stations come in various sizes and shapes and hold everything from hasps to padlocks.

View our range of multilingual lockout stations below.

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  • Lockout Safety Lockout Station LS 610 Y

    Lockout Safety Compact Lockout Station

    SKU: LS 610 Y

    The Lockout Safety Compact Lockout Station is designed to be installed next to the equipment that require maintenance or lockout operations on regular basis. Comes in two sizes as LS 610 Y and LS 810 Y. Very handy and convenient.

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  • Lockout Safety Lockout Cabinet

    Lockout Safety Lockout Cabinet


    The Lockout Safety Lockout Cabinet is available in three different sizes (LS LTS 6 – 40.6 x 35.5 x 15.2 cm, LS LTS 9 – 76.2 x 38.1 x 22.8 cm, LS LTS 10 – 60.9 x 55.8 x 25.4 cm) and with clear fascia or without (LS LTS 6 C, LS LTS 9 C, LS LTS 10 C).

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  • Lockout Safety Lockout Station LS 5L 2P Y

    Lockout Safety Lockout Station

    SKU: LS 5L 2P Y.

    This quality Lockout Safety Lockout Station comes with capacity for accommodating 5 (LS 5L 2P Y), 10 (LS 10L 1P Y), 20 (LS 20L 1P Y) or 36 (LS 36L 4P Y) padlocks.

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  • Master Lock Lockout Station Type 1482B

    Master Lock Lockout Station

    SKU: 1482B.

    The Master Lock Lockout Station comes in three different sizes – 1482B (4 padlocks), 1483B (10 padlocks) and 1484B (20 padlocks). This is an excellent quality station that can accommodate all sorts of lockout tagout equipment.

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  • Master Lock Compact Lockout Station

    SKU: S1601.

    Master Lock S1601 / S1700 Compact Lockout Station is an unfilled compact lockout centre that locates machine specific lockout devices and padlocks near lockout point.

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