Lockout Kit Accessories

View our range of Lockout Kit Accessories below. Our accessories include lockout pouches, lockout belt pouches, lockout satchels, lockout toolboxes and duffel bags.

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  • Lockout Safety Lockout Pouch LS ILP

    Lockout Safety Lockout Pouch


    The Lockout Safety Pouch offers a great and convenient way for your lockout tagout equipment to be always close by. Made of very strong nylon fabric, the pouch is waterproof and very durable.

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  • Master Lock Lockout Pouch

    SKU: S1010

    Master Lock Lockout Pouch S1010 is an unfilled compact lockout pouch that is suitable for all environments and storage requirements.

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  • Lockout Safety Pouch LS 3P BP

    Lockout Safety Lockout Belt Pouch

    SKU: LS 3P BP

    Our Lockout Safety Belt Pouch is designed to store your lockout tagout equipment handy in every situation. Thanks to the convenient waist strap the pouch allows for hands free operation. Made of strong and durable nylon fabric.

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  • Master Lock Pouch type 1456

    Master Lock Lockout Belt Pouch

    SKU: 1456

    The Master Lock 1456 is an Unfilled Lockout Belt Pouch capable of holding multiple products.

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  • Lockout Safety Lockout Satchel

    Lockout Safety Lockout Satchel

    SKU: LS RSB-3

    The convenient and practical Lockout Safety Satchel is made of strong and weather-proof nylon fabric making it very durable. Excellent for work on the go.

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