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Sanitiser Dispensers & Fluid

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  • Hand Sanitiser 5L

    Hand Sanitiser (Alcohol > 60%) 5 Litres

    SKU: Fluid 5L

    This large Hand Sanitiser container holds 5 litres of anti-bacterial gel. The 5l container is the ideal solution is great for filling smaller Hand Sanitiser Dispenser bottles around the workplace.

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  • 75cl Auto Dispenser

    75cl Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

    SKU: SS Dispenser Auto

    The 75cl Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser allows for sanitiser to be dispensed onto a person’s hand without them having to touch the dispenser, which is a strong prevention measure against the spread of COVID-19

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  • 1L Manual Dispenser

    1 Litre Manual Sanitiser Dispenser

    SKU: SS Dispenser

    The 1 Litre Manual Sanitiser Dispenser can be used to store and distribute hand sanitiser to people in and around the workplace. The convenient clip-on top allows for quick and easy refilling.

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