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Over the past ten years, Skipper have established themselves as industry leaders in safety management with their product range now being sold in more than 30 countries throughout the world. Skipper specialise in Safety Management Systems and offer multifunctional products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

External Range

Skipper external range of modular barrier systems has been the top choice of health and safety professionals across a broad range of industries. These versatile, retractable products work in conjunction with Skippers post & base system, and provide a top quality and highly sought after solution for the customer.

Skippers External Product range includes:

  • Retractable Unit
  • Post & base system
  • Receiver clips (end-point for Skipper retractable barriers)
  • Dummy unit (these act as a receiver for the unit’s tape end clip)
  • Rechargeable safety light
  • Support brackets
  • Road cone

Internal Range

The main aim of Skippers internal product range is to keep internal environments such as facilities management, ware-housing and manufacturing safe. The highly flexible and versatile range of internal products allow connection to any indoor surface providing complete flexibility and safety to suit all requirements.

Skippers Internal Product range includes:

  • XS unit (can be connected to any indoor surface)
  • Clamp holder/receiver
  • Cord strap clips (these are available in both a non-marking magnetic version and a curved version. The magnetic version is intended to attach to angular surfaces while the curved version fits firmly to poles and cylindrical surfaces)
  • Receiver clips (these act as an end-point for the retractable barriers, they are available in both magnetic and non-magnetic variants)
  • Rechargeable safety light
  • Suction pad holder/receiver

Waste & Safety

Skipper offer a modular waste and safety management product range, ideal for turning Skipper units, posts and cones into complete safety stations. The recycle bins, dispensers and sanitiser brackets can all be used for a range of diverse applications.

See our range of Skipper Barrier Systems, Warning Posts & Chains here.