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Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks

Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock

Safety padlocks are an essential tool in any lockout tagout system. The safety padlock physically reduces the risk of accidents occurring during routine maintenance and necessary servicing. However managing all of your safey padlocks and their keying systmes can pose many hassles and seem like a full-time job at very large facilities. Fortunately, MasterLock has developed a solution to the problem of how best to track and control your safety padlocks with their innovative BlueTooth safety padlocks.

What Are Bluetooth Padlocks?

These are smart padlocks that respond to commands sent from a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Simply put, it is now possible to open or bolt locks using a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity and, of course, the suitable software – in this case, a mobile application. Master Lock, backed by nearly 100 years of industry presence, has launched two such padlocks – one each for indoor and outdoor use.

Powered by replaceable batteries (CR2450 make), Master Lock Bluetooth padlocks support three modes of operation: touch, manual and swipe – the last mode being a battery-guzzler though. These locks offer additional security, apart from making it easier to secure access without the hassle of keys.


Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks – Salient Features


Bluetooth padlocks from Master Lock enable smart, secure and easy protection of valuables.


  • It is possible to lock/unlock the padlock, share access codes with others, as well as keep a tab on the activity at the premises, using a single mobile application.
  • Lost/misplaced keys or forgotten key combinations are no longer a matter of concern as the smartphone now doubles up as the key.
  • Bluetooth padlocks also support manual operations, just in case the mobile phone is not at hand.
  • Access sharing can be timed and tracked as well.
  • Easily replaceable batteries and a battery jump for temporary access are other features worth noting.


Using Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks for Lockout Tagout


While there are quite a few Bluetooth padlocks on the market, Master Lock’s experience in the field definitely adds value when it comes to securing premises for logout tagout purposes. These locks prove useful to authorise and monitor access to sensitive areas in the workplace, making them ideal for the lockout tagout process.

It is, however, important to choose the right type of lock for use in lockout tagout, as the indoor locks are not designed to be weather-resistant. It is quite possible for equipment or work areas to be locked out of access for long periods of time, depending on the nature and extent of the repairs or maintenance routines, in which case, the locks must be able to withstand the prevalent conditions in the working environment.

Bluetooth padlocks are also likely to take the pinch out of managing the different keying options available for conventional safety padlocks used in lockout tagout processes.

Locks that are keyed alike as we know are operable using a single key. Ideally, all locks used by a single technician are keyed alike. Using the free Master Lock Vault eLocks app on their mobile phones, it is possible for the technicians to control access to multiple locks they have been authorised to use. Alternatively, they can set one directional code (a combination of up, down, left and right keys) using the touch keypad on all the locks to manually operate them. Supervisors, on the other hand, can use the share access feature suitably to permit and track the movement of several technicians within the work area. Shared access can also be used to mimic the “Master Key” operation in conventional padlocks.

There are a few other features that enhance the effectiveness with which this lock secures a given space.

The smartphone app can communicate with the Bluetooth padlock only when they are within the Bluetooth range. This range can be set using the app. When within range, the lock can be opened by simply tapping on it, provided the app is running. In such situations, it is possible for anyone to tap open the lock, but a second level of protection is offered by the Locker Mode. The Locker Mode when enabled inactivates the tap/touch mode; however, the manual directional codes can still be used to unlock the unit.

We do know that smart electronic devices are definitely pricier as they are packed with hi-end features. It is important for firms to carefully assess their requirements before investing in Bluetooth padlocks to strengthen their lockout tagout processes. Not all work environments may require such advanced devices, can afford them, or the workplace and staff themselves may not be ready for them.

Features to secure premises, track and control access, maintain and view access history, share access permissions either permanently or on a timed basis, and all this without having to use keys definitely make Bluetooth padlocks from Master Lock a good value for money. But only if needed, especially for lockout tagout.

If you are interested in finding out more about Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks please do not hesitate to contact Cathal at or 057 866 2162.