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LOTO Shadow Boards – Overview

LOTO Shadow Boards – Overview

Our customised Lockout Tagout shadow board play an important part in any Lockout Tagout system. Not only does it retain safety devices within a controlled system and make financial sense but it also acts as a visual aid promoting safety on site. The Lockout Tagout shadow boards are designed to incorporate your Company Logo, Safety Slogans, Safety Devices & Permit Book Holders, in dual language where necessary.

They can be made in any shape or size to fit the allocated wall space. Once the design is approved by you, the shadow boards are manufactured to a high specification using a protective shield which is suitable for all industrial work environments, from clean rooms to underground mines.

Using cutting edge design our customised Lockout Tagout shadow boards are fitted with compliant, appropriate, innovative and best in class safety devices. These include colour code safety padlocks laser engraved with personalised information, Electrical Lockout Devices, Valve Lockout Devices, Cable Lockout Devices, bespoke tags and signage specific, all appropriate to your own work safety requirements.

Not only do they help store essential safety devices with in a controlled system but they also provide a visual aid promoting safety on site.

To design your own LOTO Shadow Board click here. Alternatively if you’d like us to design your own LOTO Shadow Board or if you require more information, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 057 866 2162. Thank you.

Below are some samples of our Lockout Tagout Shadow Boards: