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Lockout Tagout Safety Programs and Procedures

An Employer Is Responsible For Creating An Appropriate Written Lockout Tagout Program.

It should involve putting in place appropriate Lockout / Tagout procedures. This will include Locking Off Procedures, Tagout protocol and Permits to Work and finally Reactivation Procedures.

The locking off procedure should only be performed by trained and authorised personnel and it should be carried out in the following order:

1. Prepare for shutdown. This will include:

  • Identify the equipment that needs to be locked off and the energy sources used to operate the equipment.
  • Identify the potential hazards of that energy
  • Identify the method to control the energy – electrical, valve etc.

2. Inform all affected employees and let them know who is locking off the equipment and why they are doing it.

3. Turn off the equipment following agreed procedures.

4. Isolate all energy sources in the equipment and ensure all stored energy has been removed from the equipment. This can include:

  • Bleeding, flushing pipes with liquids or gases
  • Removing heat or cold
  • Releasing tension in springs
  • Releasing trapped pressure
  • Block parts that may fall due to gravity

5. Lock off energy device controls such as switches, valves and circuit breakers using an appropriate lockout device and secure with safety padlock

6. Tagout the lockout device using an appropriate tag

  • Tags used must be highly visible with prominent warning to warn employees of the danger of reenergising the equipment
  • Tags must be durable and be securely fastened to the lockout device
  • Tag details must be completed in full

7. Test the energy device controls to ensure equipment has been locked out.

8. Place key of safety padlock in Group Lockout Box and secure Group Lockout Box with their own personal padlock.

9. Each person working on the equipment should put their own personal padlock on the Group Lockout Box prior to commencing maintenance work.

10. Perform maintenance and do not bypass the lockout. The maintenance work should be done in conjunction with and as set out in a ‘Permits to Work’ document.

11. On completion of maintenance work, follow the agreed procedures to reactivate the equipment.

  • Remove any blocks put in place and re-install any safety guards.
  • Remove personal padlock from Group Lockout Box
  • Once all personal padlocks have been removed from the Group Lockout Box, keys to the safety padlocks are removed and used to remove all lockout devices and tags.
  • Re-start the equipment and test to ensure all is ok.
  • Cancel the ‘Permits to Work’ and sign off the work.
  • Let the relevant employees know that the equipment is ready for use.