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Keyed Different Padlocks

When applying a lockout device a padlock is used to secure the Lockout Tagout device in place. This prevents the energy source, which is being ‘locked off’ by the LOTO device, from being used. In order to access the energy source both the padlock and lockout kit have to be removed.  This means that each worker is represented by their attached padlock, and the lockout device can only be removed by someone with the key to that padlock.

LOTO padlocks are reinforced to make them extra durable, making it near impossible to remove the padlock from a lockout device without using heavy-grade machinery.

Keyed Different Safety Padlocks System

Keyed Different Padlocks

Keyed Different locks can only be opened by a single key that is unique to that padlock. It is impossible to open other keyed different padlocks with that particular key. This provides added employee safety, as workers cannot remove each other’s locks from the lockout device. Spares keys are available for each keyed different padlock.

Keyed different padlocks can also be purchased with a master key that can open all locks as well as individual keys.

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