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Keyed Alike Padlocks

When applying a lockout device a padlock is used to secure the Lockout Tagout device in place. This prevents the energy source, which is being ‘locked off’ by the LOTO device, from being used. In order to access the energy source both the padlock and lockout kit have to be removed.

Keyed Alike Safety Padlocks System

What Does “Keyed Alike” Mean?

When a padlock group is ‘keyed alike’ it means that  one single key can open all the locks that come in that particular set. If multiple locks are being used to secure an application, all keys are identical.

Each keyed alike padlock is made of extremely durable materials, and is resistant to cutting, prying and twisting. This means it is practically impossible to remove the keyed alike padlock from a lockout device without the correct key, and these should be kept in a safe place.

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