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Customised Storage Solutions

We design and manufacture innovative and customised safety storage solutions including Lockout Tagout Shadow Boards, Rescue Shadow Boards and Bespoke Lockout Cabinets. Our innovative and bespoke shadow boards are tailored to meet the safety requirements of our clients including data centres, facility managers, generating stations, utility companies, manufacturing plants and electrical contractors. Our customised shadow boards play an integral part in helping our clients comply with their company specific safety programmes. The boards are manufactured to a high specification using a protective shield which is suitable for all industrial work environments, from clean rooms to underground mines.

Below, you will find our range of customisable storage solutions. To design your own customised storage solution and incorporate your company logo, board title and company colours please follow the steps below.

Choose your Customisable Product

Select an option from one of the following categories:
A. Lockout Tagout Shadow Boards or B. Rescue Shadow Boards or C. Bespoke Lockout Cabinet

A. Lockout Tagout Shadow Boards

Our customised Lockout Tagout shadow board play an important part in any Lockout Tagout system. Not only does it retain safety devices within a controlled system and make financial sense but it also acts as a visual aid promoting safety on site.

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B. Rescue Shadow Boards

We design and manufacture innovative and customised Rescue Shadow Boards that enhance safety within your electrical switch rooms and re-enforces workplace safety & safety culture.

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C. Bespoke Lockout Cabinet

Key features of our bespoke Lockout Tagout Cabinets can include:

  • Customised integrated Shadow Boards to house all your Lockout Tagout devices & safety padlocks
  • Fixed storage bins or removable storage Lin bins within the cabinet
  • Storage areas for Permits Books, readily available to the Authorised Persons
  • Wall or floor mounted, free standing or portable
  • Fully lockable Lockout Tagout Stations if required

We can typically design and manufacture the vast majority of storage solutions within 10 working days of receiving your order.

If none of the above options meet your requirements we also offer customised storage solutions in any size to store your safety equipment. Contact Us with your exact requirements or call us on 057 866 2162, we’re happy to help.