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Advantages of Using a Shadow Board System

Advantages of Using a Shadow Board System

Lockout tagout processes and devices vary depending on the exact needs of a workplace. The type and scale of operations undertaken on your premises and the number of people directly or indirectly exposed to these work area risks help formulate the appropriate lock out tag out processes and determine the type, number and placement of lockout devices used to effectively secure the area before a planned maintenance or emergency repairs, and clear it once the job is done.

It is an important task to store and locate lockout devices in their allotted places and track their usage across any given facility. An apt shadow board system can help remedy the situation, especially for implementing Lockout Tagout processes, with suitable lockout devices from

What is a Shadow Board?

A Shadow Board is a visual representation of a tool board that houses lockout tagout devices on your premises. can customise your Shadow Board appropriate to your lockout tagout process and devices. The Shadow Board can be personalised with graphics/visual indications that pin-point where exactly the device should be when not in use and in include custom messages, transparent pockets for instructions, and relevant artwork.

Benefits of Using a Shadow Board System

There are many important benefits derived from using a shadow board system. These include the following:

Systematic Storage of Lockout Tagout Devices
Given the number of safety padlocks, tags, lockout hasps, MCB and other lockout devices and the various technicians handling maintenance and repair jobs, it is important for employers to ensure all devices intended for use in a specific facility are stored in an organised manner, making it easy to locate them when needed, especially when workers function in shifts.

Improved Productivity
Knowing where to locate a particular lockout device saves valuable time that is often wasted in looking around for the right device, required to service an equipment or machine.

Easy Traceability
Having earmarked storage spaces for each lockout tagout tool or device in the system, it doesn’t take long to notice that a particular device is in use or has gone missing. Missing devices need to be speedily replenished to ensure that safety of the facility is not compromised. On the other hand, an empty slot simply means some repair or maintenance job is in progress.

If each device is further personalised for use by a specific employee, it is even possible to track down the person who is servicing the unit.

Enhanced Accountability
Traceability inevitably leads to accountability, and in this case, service personnel will need to clear the equipment, system or area for regular use and return the lockout tagout device to where it belongs before they leave the premises. Supervisors may simply check the tool board or the store to verify if the job is complete.

Effective Visual Solutions
Visual solutions have been found to be more effective than any other medium communication, even in distracting environments. Shadowing each lockout device has proven effective in helping people find the right device without losing much time. Usage instructions suitably indicated alongside serve as a subtle reminder every time the device is used. It is, however, important to use shadow boards with colours and artwork best suited to the visibility levels in the workplace.

Maximised Space Utilisation
Cabinets and storage boards that allow for storing devices such as compact tools, tags, MCB toggles, padlocks, hasps and others available at, placed alongside shadow boards or sporting relevant visual indications, can help maximise space usage in small facilities. Such integrated shadow board systems come in handy for SMEs looking to conform to regulations, as processes and statutes can also be featured in a central place.

Value-For-Money Lockout Tagout Investments
Shadow and storage boards are durable units that can survive the testing environments of most industrial units. While a hard copy of instructions has a short life, difficult to refer, and needs multiple prints for distribution, details featured on shadow board systems are here to stay, unless there are additions or deletions to the set of devices. Multiple transparent pockets can hold hard copies of processes/instructions, with changes updated by simply replacing an older copy with the latest details.

These are but a few salient benefits of the shadow board system. Choosing the right design will help make best of this visual solution.

If you are interested in finding out more about our customised Shadow Board service please do not hesitate to contact Cathal at or 057 866 2162.