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Lockout Tagout Safety Awareness Training

LOTO Training provides on-site Lockout Tagout Safety Awareness Training which will brief you on theory and practical aspects of LOTO Safety. You will gain understanding of different Lockout Devices and Safety Procedures explaining how to implement and mainain safety program within your organisation.

The training is carried out by our experienced team on-site in groups of 5 people. Each session usually takes 2-3 hours.

We are also happy to provide assistance and advice in implementing, reviewing and ehnancing of Effective Lockout Tagout Procedures within your company.

This covers comprehensive on-site assesment of your facilities geared towards gaining an indepth understanding into how your business operates, what hazardous energies are present at your premisses and how to develop your Lockout Tagout Program and Procedures.

For more information please contact us directly. We are happy to offer any information required about our Lockout Tagout Safety Awareness Training.

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